What types of companies can be incorporated in Italy?

Foreign investors can incorporate the following types of companies in Italy: sole proprietorship limited liability company, partnership limited by shares, general or limited partnership, cooperative, joint stock company or a branch of a foreign company.

What is the required minimum share capital to incorporate a company in Italy?

There is certainly no one-size-fits all answer to this question. It depends on the type of company, for instance: 50,000 EUR for the joint stock company or 10,000 EUR for the limited liability company

Is it required for the company to have an office in Italy?

Yes. It's requisite that a company incorporated in Italy has a representative office within the country.

How to register a company in Italy?

The first step is to choose the company type. After this, you must apply for and register a valid company name. Last but not least, you must submit all the incorporation documents at the Business Register.

What do you need to open a bank account in Italy?

When opening a company in Italy, a bank account is a necessary requisite to deposit the minimum share capital. The required documents include the company’s registration certificate among other documents to open a bank account. The associated costs differ depending on the chosen Italian bank.


What are the taxes levied in Italy

The standard corporate tax rates in Italy are as follows: 24% for IRES. 3.9% for IRAP.%.

Is it required to have special permits or licenses for doing business in Italy?

Yes. Certain business activities are regulated in Italy and investors are required to acquire special permits and licenses in order to operate them in Italy. A typical example of such businesses are Imports and exports.

How fast is it to open a company in Italy?

On average, it takes approximately one week to incorporate a company in Italy.

Why should you invest in Italy?

Italy provides a stable business environment and numerous possibilities for investors. Most notably, Italy as a good geographical location, good infrastructure and easy access to other European markets,

Is it possible for foreigners to open a company in Italy?

Absolutely! The Italian jurisdiction welcomes foreign direct investments and enables foreigners to have the same rights as nationals as long as they provide the necessary documents.

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