According to the Italian legislature, every company operating in Italy is entitled to keep accounts. Thus it’s mandatory for every company to employ a chartered accountant within Italy for the fulfilment of the organisations’ books and legal requirements. As a general rule, all companies in Italy should comply with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles GAAP in force in Italy.
With vast experience in analyzing and presenting financial information, our expert accountants are always happy to discuss how we can best reduce your account burdens. We treat each client as an individual (whether a start-up or the large multination company) and our services are always to the client’s specific business needs. Our key accounting services include:

  • Keeping and updating of inventory books;
  • Handling managerial and accounting responsibilities of the client during the initial stages. 
  • Planning the budget, audit reporting 
  • Translation accountancy services;
  • drafting documents for completion each statutory account, and shareholder decisions 
  • monthly, quarterly and annual accounting packages for companies operating in Italy;
  • continuous updating of Italian fiscal laws and Italian GAAP.

Additional services

  • profit & loss and cash flow
  • payroll service
  • VAT compliance
  • drafting of balance sheet
  • financial planning
  • payment of social contributions
  • drafting of consolidated balance sheet

There's more!
For more details and assistance regarding Accounting and bookkeeping in Italy, feel free to reach out to our expert consultants. They have proven expertise and experience to answer all your questions and give you all the help you might need.