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Taxation for Italian Companies

Any company having its legal or administrative headquarters or principal business activity within the Italian territory is considered to be a resident company in Italy. The same applies to foreign companies holding one or more Italian subsidiaries.

Italian companies are subject to a corporate income tax, known as:
-imposta sul reddito sulle società or IRES, 24%
-Regional production tax, known as imposta regionale sulle attività produttive or IRAP, 3.9%

Types of companies incorporated in Italy

Limited Partnership (SAS - Societa in accomandita semplice)
The limited partnership is quite similar to the general partnership, and the requirements needed to set up these two are actually the same. The only key difference is that for a SAS, at least one partner should be limited with liability that only extends to the amount the partner contributed. The other or the rest of the partners will have to be general and hold full responsibility.

Partnership Limited by Shares (SAPA - Societa in accomandita per azioni)
-To form a SAPA, at least two partners are required. The conditions are quite similar to those of a limited partnership. There is no minimum obligatory capital.

The innovative start up SRL is closely similar to the ordinary SRL. While it follows the same standardized incorporation procedure and articles of association, its unique advantage is that it has to be constituted through an online procedure without the intervention of a notary. As its name applies, this company type has an innovative and high-tech corporate objective. It's registered in the special section of the Register of Companies dedicated to innovative startups.

With a high minimum investment of 120.000 EUR, the joint-stock company is not for everyone. The company should have at least one shareholder. In the case that there is only one shareholder, it’s mandatory that the start-up capital is paid at once before incorporation. If there are more than one shareholder, a quarter of the capital should be deposited before the incorporation of the company.

The limited liability company is a popular choice for foreigners starting small-to-medium sized businesses in Italy. The required minimum investment for this entity is 10,000 EUR. Shareholders have limited liability depending on the extent of their contribution. The company can have more than one director.

In Italy, there are two types of private limited liability companies:
-the standard limited liability company (società a responsabilità limitata ,S.r.l.);
-the simplified limited liability company (società a responsabilità limitata semplificata, S.r.l.s.).

Steps for company formation in Italy

  • Prepare shareholder's documents.
  • Deposit at least 25% of the amounts provided in cash with a bank
  • Execute a public deed of incorporation and company bylaws before a public notary; pay registration tax
  • Pay government grant tax to the post office current account
  • Register online with the Register of Enterprises (Registro delle Imprese) at the local chamber of commerce
  • Notify the competent Labor Office (DPLMO) the employment of workers
  • Receiving the registration certificate
  • Commence operations

Why should you open a company in Italy?

  • Italy allows access to a large consumer market, notably, the Eurozone
  • The country has a qualified workforce, that comes at lower costs compared to other EU countries
  • Quick and simplified company incorporation procedures
  • Pro-business environment for small businesses
  • Provides a flexible and diversified business environment
  • The government greatly supports businesses through various initiatives
  • Solid quality in every aspect—from products to services and even the labor force

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