Tax planning

Tax planning is one of the most critical aspects of company formation for most international companies. This is because the major reason for international companies to establish in Italy is that they want to lower the amount of tax that they pay in their home country.

Companies in high-tax jurisdictions can benefit from Italy’s reasonably low corporate tax. Nonetheless, simply establishing a company in Italy doesn’t guarantee low taxes. This is where SIGTAX’s tax planning services come handy.

We understand that tax planning in Italy is complex and the stakes are often high. At SIGTAX, we have proven expertise and knowledge of the tax regime in Italy. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss any of the following areas of taxation with you:

  • Tax regulations in Italy, with the context of international best practices

  • Strategies for mitigating tax liability in Italy

  • How to avoid Double taxation

  • The implications of transfer pricing and related issues


We also assist our clients with world-class:

Tax Advisory

  • Tax clearance

  • Tax review

  • Tax rulings

  • International tax planning structures

  • Income Tax, Inheritance Tax, and Capital Gains Tax


Tax Administration

  • Tax Residency Certificates

  • Preparation and submission of annual tax returns

  • Preparation of annual income tax computations

  • Obtain Italy Tax certificate upon client’s request

  • Registration within the Italy tax authorities

  • Preparation and submission of Annual Provisional tax declarations

  • Ensure your organization is fully compliant with tax regulations and deadlines


At SIGTAX, we understand that tax intricacies are often unique. This is why we treat each client as an individual and offer solutions that are tailored to your exact business and taxation requirements.


We can also help you examine the nature of an investment, the potential tax issues that can be encountered and suggest an optimum tax structure that will benefit your business. While our goal is to identify opportunities that can help our clients save money through intelligent tax planning, we make sure to do it without a compromise on tax compliance.