What should entrepreneurs know about opening a Swiss logistics company?

For some years, logistics has been subject to the changes associated with digitization and logistics companies in Switzerland make no exception. This poses great challenges for the industry. At the same time, there are opportunities that smart startups can use. Successful startups are those who know how to combine the new digital requirements with the traditional service of logistics.

The logistics sector is one of the most important pillars of the Swiss economy. Switzerland has the advantage of relying on the purchases made by wealthy consumers; it has various retail sites and a large number of transport hubs and European transit routes. In other words, although it is not part of the European Union, Switzerland has access to important European markets.

The Swiss logistics industry sector is worth more than 39 billion CHF, which means more than 6% of Switzerland’s GDP. In addition, an important rise in the volume of freight traffic is expected in the years to come.

However, logistics is much more than just transport. Only a small area of logistics is actually perceptible to everyone - the movement of goods in the form of trucks, freight cars, cargo ships or transport aircraft. Most of the planning, control, and implementation are largely unnoticed by the average consumer.

Swiss company founded in the logistics sector

There are different approaches to starting a business in the logistics industry. Either you implement a separate company profile or you adapt your services to existing business models. In other words, your startup provides services for existing companies. Both variants are promising, provided you consider important factors.

For startups in general, but especially in the logistics industry, the target group counts. Services in this area depend on the customers. Who do you want to reach with your startup? What needs to be satisfied? These considerations are fundamental to build a business model on. In this way, you also determine the specific area in which there is a need for customized service. Logistics is a wide field in which you need to find a place with your startup. Although digitization has changed the logistics industry considerably, it has not completely displaced the relevance of brick-and-mortar retailing. Both have their place in the market and certain advantages that should be used.

What do you need for a Swiss logistics startup?

There is a fast pace in the logistics industry. This is particularly due to consumer behavior and customer expectations. People are now used to being able to order things online around the clock and have them delivered quickly to a certain address. To meet such demands, Swiss startups specialized in logistics need a sophisticated management and delivery system. This includes, for example, a warehouse management system, logistics planning or material flow monitoring. In addition to the right hardware, logistics software is also an efficient infrastructure within a logistics startup.

Support in starting a Swiss logistics company

Without enough funds, there is no startup. No matter where you get it from, a logistics startup needs to be built on solid financing. This forms part of a stable corporate base. Another factor that should not be underestimated is the necessary know-how, an area where many startups generally stumble, if not fail. The knowledge of the industry, how it works and what current developments exist is elementary. This leads directly to another point - networks. The entry into the industry succeeds only if you seek contact with their members. This can be done in different ways, such as at industry events.

However, Switzerland is the perfect location for business networking, as there are many industry associations that offer support for entrepreneurs who are just starting their own business. The reasoning behind it is simple. A win-win situation is created: startups receive active assistance and at the same time enrich the industry with promising business ideas.

Swiss startups in the logistics industry

A startup specialized in logistics follows the same basic rules as in other industries. It requires a mature business idea tailored to the target group. This must be based on a solid foundation of financial resources, know-how and industry connections. In addition, there are specific funds for logistics in order to set up and run a business. For further information regarding how to set up a logistics company in Switzerland, you can contact our Swiss company formation specialists.

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