About us

We are a leading global company incorporation and corporate services provider. Whether this is your first company or you have registered several in the past, SIGTAX is there to handle and worry about all your bureaucratic and legal requirements while you focus on company growth. 

Our main goal is to help organizations maintain their focus on the growth and development of their business, while we handle all the legal, accounting and back-office hassles.  It’s our main responsibility to ensure that all our clients are compliant with local regulations in Italy.

Any organization can provide a service, however, it’s the people behind the company who make the difference. This is why at SIGTAX, we are focused on bringing the best company formation experts from around the world under the same roof and equipping them with the right knowledge and resources. We have a proven track record in the registration of international companies across over 12 countries. Over the past few years, we have worked with clients of all sizes and from all sectors—everyone from small start-ups to the large Fortune 500 companies.

Browse our website for more insights into the services that we provide, or please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements in detail. With stellar ratings from different clients around the world, SIGTAX is your one-stop solution for the most professional, timely and cost-effective company formation and corporate services in Europe.