Employer is not obliged to pay

A contractor had been sued before the Labor Court because the Social Insurance Institution didn’t pay her daily allowances on time during maternity leave. The employee complained that the employer must pay the daily allowances directly and immediately to her.
The court granted the employer justice, as he had marked on the form that the SVA should be paid directly to the employee. It was not his fault that the SVA was paid too late.
(Source: Labor Court of Zurich, judgment AH140099 from 10/14/2014)

Apply for refund of withholding tax electronically

In Switzerland, resident legal entities can apply electronically for refund or withholding tax on Form 25 immediately.

To reclaim the withholding tax, a company must fill out a claim form and send it to the Federal Tax Administration. New is that this application and the necessary documents can also be sent online. For reasons of legal certainty then a signature in paper form must be delivered.

The tax partners can view their data online and edit. Companies will be able to empower their employees or trustees.

Accounting law: What is an observable market price?

With the new accounting law, a distinction between a primary and a subsequent valuation of assets is created. This concept is responsible for ensuring that the assets may be carried at an observable market price. As maximum of these balance sheet items, the purchase price was so far exclusively allowed.

New is a distinction between:

Initial measurement: At their initial recognition the assets are to be valued most about cost.